Day 451: Cohen’s Clientele

Sean Hannity could be deeply screwed, depending on what he’s trying to hide.

In court today, a judge rejected the request of Donald Trump’s lawyers to review the documents seized in the Michael Cohen raid prior to the federal government reviewing the materials for prosecution. Another hearing is set for Wednesday, which may shed more light on the timeline for these documents being scrutinized by law enforcement.

Cohen tried to prove that he had provided legal representation for individuals in a weak attempt to shield the documents under attorney-client privilege. He informed the court that he had performed legal work for three people recently: Trump, Elliot Broidy (a prominent RNC donor who you may remember for his pay-to-Playmate abortion scandal just a few days ago) and Hannity.

The nature of Cohen’s work with Hannity is unclear. Hannity himself vaguely alluded to “asking for advice” about real estate with Michael Cohen on his Twitter account, implied that Cohen performed the work “pro bono” and suggested that he might have slipped him $10 here or there in the same way that Walter White slipped Saul Goodman money to establish attorney client privilege (I wish there were a video link to this amazing scene from Breaking Bad, but I can’t find one right now).

All of that smells like horseshit from where I’m sitting. And quite obviously, there are two problems that Hannity has right now that he can’t walk away from.

Problem One: Hannity has been a cheerleader for Cohen on TV without informing anyone that he was Cohen’s client,¬†if he was Cohen’s client. And that leads us to problem number two.

Problem Two: If Hannity was not Cohen’s client, then Cohen lied in court about his work and whatever communication(s) Hannity had with Cohen will not be protected. This will hurt Trump because if Hannity’s “professional” relationship with Cohen was fake, then Trump’s might be as well. If Hannity¬†was Cohen’s client, in addition to the ethical problem above, it opens up a very important and unanswered question:

What type of legal work did Cohen do for Hannity? Did he fix woman problems for the Fox News superstar? Did he pay off hookers or make abortions go away? Did he slip mistresses hush money?

Those were the services he provided for Trump and Broidy: hush money and intimidation. To think that he would get clean all of a sudden because Sean Hannity needs to put someone else on the deed on his house reads as farfetched.

Whatever is “there” in Hannity’s case could be really bad if he wanted to hide his identity that badly. Regardless, he’s still a hack for some of the world’s worst people. Here are his advertisers if you want to give them a call and urge a boycott of his show. And for the record, here are Laura Ingraham’s advertisers as well.


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