Day 450: Priorities

There’s been lots of chatter all day about the George Stephanopoulos-James Comey interview that’s airing on ABC tonight, but it’s rather irrelevant in my opinion.

What matters, in that situation, is what Comey told Robert Mueller under oath, the contemporaneous memos he has given the Special Counsel and the testimony he gave under oath to Congress. It matters that his firing is a key part of Mueller’s probe as to whether Donald Trump sought to obstruct justice when he fired Comey.

It’s understandable why Comey is doing this big interview: he’s promoting a book, he’s seeking to counter the Trump narrative smearing his character, he wants to contribute to the common cause of ensuring our democracy doesn’t permanently become a kakistocracy under the Great Blonde Buffoon.

But it’s not as important as the actual organizing work on the ground. It’s not as important as the door knocking, the phone calling, the rides to the polls for the GOTV (Get Out The Vote) portion of campaigns that will swing the balance of political power.

It’s definitely not as important as addressing the systemic issues that allowed a criminal ass-clown like Donald Trump to gain power in the first place: racism, sexism and an economy that favors the wealthy (like himself). This week, the public saw two particularly disgusting and egregious examples of such racism.

A Michigan man was charged with attempted murder after firing a shot at a 14-year old kid who had knocked on his door to ask for directions. Two men were arrested inside a Starbucks for “Waiting While Black” after hanging out for 30-minutes waiting for their friend.

Making sure stuff like this comes to an end in this country is a much higher priority than the Comey interview. And in a time when folks (myself included) have found themselves swept up in the Russia saga, it’s important to think about and focus on what really matters in America.

It’s not something that an interview will fix.


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