Day 449: Bombs Don’t Destroy Investigations

What was last night’s missile strike in Syria all about?

Was it about destroying Syrian chemical weapons facilities? Because if it was, then some “fucking morontelegraphed the move to Bashar al-Assad┬ádays in advance of the actual strike, giving the Syrian, Russian and Iranian forces plenty of time to move their chemical weapons.

Was it about preserving some important international order? If so, the tactics used by Donald Trump, John Bolton and the rest of the U.S. military brass weren’t compatible with the channels that this attack should’ve been run through: namely Congressional authorization. Rep. Justin Amash, who I agree with on virtually nothing, made a very good point about this issue this morning: that too many legislators are acting as enablers rather than regulators for U.S. military forces.

Was it about distracting from the fact that Trump’s “hit man” was fixing problems for Trump and other prominent GOP donors with hush money payments and intimidation tactics? Was it about distracting from the fact that part of the infamous Steele dossier was corroborated last night via a McClatchy report that Michael Cohen was in fact in Prague to ostensibly meet with Russian intelligence officers? Was it about distracting from the fact that one of the individuals involved in the Trump Tower Moscow deal was a Russian spy?

If it was indeed the latter, then “Mission Accomplished.” But understand, Trump, that these investigations aren’t going anywhere.

The situation in Syria is an ongoing horror. To help the Syrian people during this incredibly difficult time, please consider making a contribution to the White Helmets. They are first responders on the ground in Syria doing incredibly dangerous and difficult work.


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