Day 448: What’s On The Tapes?

We don’t yet know what (and who) are on the Michael Cohen Tapes. But we’re starting to get an idea of their content.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that Michael Cohen wasn’t just Trump’s fixer: he dealt with bigger sums and bigger problems for bigger financial fish than Donald Trump.

Elliot Broidy, a RNC national deputy finance chairman, longtime Trump backer and wealthy venture capitalist had a problem on his hands.

What was this problem you might inquire?

Mr. Broidy had an affair with a Playboy Playmate and got her pregnant, then paid for her to have an abortion. He acknowledged the affair in a statement to the Wall Street Journal today.

When Trump, on Air Force One last week, was asked about the Stormy Daniels situation, he referred questions about the situation (which has also swallowed up Cohen) to Cohen stating that Cohen was his attorney.

We now know, thanks to a court filing today and documents seized in the raid on Cohen’s workplace and residences that Trump’s statement, like many other utterances, is demonstrably false. Cohen, according to an initial review of the material evidence seized, was performing little to no legal work. The search warrants indicate as much, although the circumstantial evidence, like his off-the-books woman fixing activities for wealthy men, makes just as strong a case. This is also a big legal development, as it means that very few communications between Cohen and other individuals that were recorded will be subject to attorney-client privilege. Granted, even if it was a legal scenario, attorney-client privilege could still be null and void if it was a Walter White-Saul Goodman relationship.

Bottom line: Cohen, in his professional life, was a cheap thug that Trump used to intimidate people. And it is very likely that he will be a gold mine for investigators attempting to get to the bottom of Trump’s criminal past.


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