Day 447: Lordy…This Time There Might Actually Be Tapes!

One of the biggest bombshells (and potential breaks) in the Russia investigation came in late today.

It’s hard to write about this when Mike Pompeo, the CIA Director and Secretary of State nominee, stated that in 2018, he disagrees with same-sex marriage. It’s hard to take your focus off of his disgusting association with avowed anti-Muslim bigots. He can go take his desire for war with Iran and kick rocks.

It’s even harder to bypass writing about the Trump nominated federal judge in Louisiana who believes that Planned Parenthood kills 150,000 people per year and that school desegregation isn’t worth publicly supporting. She can throw those racist views where New Orleans threw its confederate monuments: in the garbage.

But this news that is breaking about Michael Cohen is indeed breaking: case breaking.

The Washington Post is reporting that Cohen had a proclivity to tape conversations with associates, conversations that he might be able to use to blackmail individuals on behalf of Trump or for his own personal gain.

It’s brutally thuggish behavior, but that’s why Trump kept him around. And that relationship could now come back to bite him.

The feds have many Michael Cohen electronic communications. He is throwing legal Hail Marys at this point to stave off Stormy Daniels and has indicated (per Stormy Daniels’ attorney) that he will be taking the 5th Amendment to avoid self-incrimination in a deposition.

All this as Robert Mueller prepares to issue a report to Rod Rosenstein surrounding Trump’s potential obstruction of justice. The parties have broken off talks following the Cohen raid. A report could be issued as soon as May.

It has been said many times that the walls are closing in on Trump. This time it feels more like they’re starting to collapse. We’ll see what happens. There are many more shoes that will drop in the Russia investigation before all is said and done.


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