Day 446: He’s Obstructing Justice

Donald Trump is obstructing justice.

This is so obvious at this point it would be laughable, were it not a cancer to society. Trump is frequently and actively toying with the idea of firing Rod Rosenstein, who is overseeing the Russia investigation, Jeff Sessions, who recused himself from the investigation and Christopher Wray, who he appointed to be head of the FBI after Trump fired James Comey. All of these individuals have been insufficiently “loyal” to Trump, meaning that they’re unwilling to break the law for him, a la Michael Cohen.

The other reality is that, besides the legal mess, Trump is starting to spin his wheels politically as well. As I’m writing this, news has broken that Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House is jumping ship and will not seek re-election. If that isn’t a white flag to voters and donors, a surrender after refusing to fight the creeping fascism of Trump for years, it is hard to tell what would constitute one.

There may soon be a Senate problem as well. GOP senators from rural states are furious about Trump’s escalation of a trade war, with very real worries that it could collapse crop values and depress farming more than one state’s farming economy. And following the victory of Doug Jones in Alabama, there is a clear and present danger that the Senate could be lost as well.

So how are Republicans addressing this situation? Not by providing additional oversight on a madman, but by tripling down on the same lawless that got them into this mess in the first place. Brainless thug Devin Nunes is still kicking around on Fox News talking about impeaching FBI officials for refusing to provide classified information in a public setting. The result of this is that Nunes might soon find himself in political trouble back home.

Almost everyone attaching themselves to Trump will come away with his wicked stench of corruption. It is incredible to me that anyone is willing to make such an immoral compromise for such a short-term gain.


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