Day 445: Ukrainian Steel

Lost in last night’s Hurricane Cohen was another bombshell, something that could have consequences that are equally devastating for Donald Trump.

The New York Times is reporting that Robert Mueller is investigating a $150,000 payment that was made to the Trump Foundation following a 20-minute speech via videoconference to a conference in Kiev, Ukraine. The money was supplied by Ukranian billionaire Victor Pinchuk.

This payment came to light as part of a subpoena of Trump Organization documents that were received by Mueller. It suggests a few things, none of which are particularly good for Trump.

First and foremost, foreign bribery¬†beyond Russia may be within Mueller’s mandate. That means if say, you coordinated a super sketchy meeting in a remote part of the world between your transition team and a foreign government (no matter what foreign government) it can be prosecuted if it was illegal.

Second, the Trump Organization might be teeming with criminal activity. If this shady-ass payment was one of the first things uncovered in the subpoena, imagine what else is there.

Imagine if Trump was running one of the world’s largest criminal enterprises. Imagine if all of his hotels, golf courses, casinos and television shows were just a front for drug traffickers, money launderers and terrorists to move their cash. Imagine if this operation was failing and he ran for office in order to make enough money to tread water by losing, or cash in big by winning.

It’s not hard to imagine given the precarious legal situation he finds himself in. And if Michael Cohen, who by all accounts is waist deep in shit legally, flips, imagine what Trump’s reality will become.


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