Day 444: Michael Cohen Cooked

Michael Cohen is in deep trouble.

Today, the FBI conducted a raid of his hotel room, seizing emails, bank records, tax documents and other items of interest related to the Stormy Daniels investigation.

Notably, a search warrant was used in this situation, indicating that law enforcement had a very valid reason to believe that a crime was being committed on the premises and a judge agreed. The legal matter in question was reportedly referred to the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York by Robert Mueller.

The legal matter in question is bank fraud and campaign finance violations potentially committed by Cohen. And Donald Trump, as you can see in this video with his body language and the tone of his voice, is freaked the fuck out.

It’s no wonder that there is a Republican stampede out of Congress. Trump is a toxic waste dump on fire, a fringe demagogue dead set on protecting himself at all costs. He commented on the raid unprompted, yet another sign that he’s feeling pretty scared about it.

It is entirely possible that Trump is a co-conspirator in whatever Cohen did that resulted in search warrants being executed at his office, home and hotel. We’ll find out soon enough if those two dipshits got together on a bank fraud porn star payoff.

That’s not the only issue that could sink Trump here either. Cohen is Trump’s low rent version of Tom Hagan, a family fixer who knows how and where to hide the skeletons.

It’s unclear if Cohen will roll on Trump. But if Trump sets him up to be the fall guy, watch out. Cohen knows everything. If faced with the choice of life in prison or turning on his boss, he could choose the latter.


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