Day 443: Not Hungary For M-Orbán

Viktor Orbán has won a third term as Prime Minister of Hungary.

The opposition party leaders have conceded after he won a decisive 2/3 majority in the Hungarian Parliament, enough to change the Hungarian constitution if he so wishes.

Although it is comforting that he didn’t win Budapest, he still cleaned up around the rest of the country. With his win, Hungary has made a strong shift away from liberal democracy.

Orbán ran one of the most disgusting, blatantly anti-immigrant fear mongering campaigns ever seen. It was only a step above ethnic cleansing in terms of its goals and content. And, from the results tonight, Hungary ate that bullshit up.

This one hurts personally. My great-grandmother escaped Hungary and came to the United States, going through Ellis Island. She was seeking a better life for herself and made her way as a seamstress. She married and had kids, her kids married and had kids and everyone grew in terms of economic success and social assimilation. I’m here today because she worked hard and was able to make it in New York City.

Hungary doesn’t want to grant that chance to many refugees from Syria, Libya, Sudan and other nations. Even though immigration is a net economic positive, millions of people are being pushed out of the loop for nothing more than their religion or skin color.

It’s not right and, given the location of the xenophobia, it could lead to some horrible transgressions against Muslims and people of color. Let’s hope that the ship can be rightened in Eastern Europe and elsewhere, lest the unthinkable happen again.


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