Day 442: Going Full Chavez

This won’t be a long post. I just need to point something out real quick.

Rep. Ralph Norman (R-South Carolina) pulled out a loaded gun today at a town hall. As if that weren’t psychopathic enough, he then went on to say that he wouldn’t be another Gabby Giffords, the Congresswoman who was shot in the head in 2011.

The fact that he had a loaded weapon on display in front of his constituents didn’t seem to make anyone feel safer. It did however, cause me to think about the late Hugo Chavez and how he displayed the same sort of sociopathic behavior when attempting to honor Venezuelan revolutionary Simon Bolivar.

Republican Congressman and Venezuelan dictator: behaving the same.

If we don’t participate in our civic processes in an engaged and thoughtful way, we get the leaders we deserve.


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