Day 441: Evicted

Scott Pruitt and Donald Trump are viewing their desire to impose naked corruption on everyone and everything around them as their own personal crusade.

Trump, as always, is leading his group of corrupt-as-shit societal cancers, but in this particular scenario, he’s the enabler. Pruitt has only one defender left, the guy with the bad spray tan. Everyone else has abandoned ship…for good reason.

Pruitt is the embodiment of Trump administration corruption. This guy got a sweetheart rental deal from a lobbyist to rent a room in their home for $50 per night. How could the bar possibly get any lower? Pruitt got evicted from their home, yes the United States EPA Administrator got evicted because he wouldn’t leave his temporary arrangement. The lobbyist couple even went so far as to change the locks.

This paranoid grifter has taxpayers shelling out millions of dollars for his first-class flights and security detail because he, like Trump, wants to project an image of importance. Some of the “threats” he’s faced are people telling him what a shithead he is in airports around the country. This shill even tried to have his security detail use their lights and sirens in order to get him to a French restaurant faster.

It should come as no surprise then, that Trump still loves him. “Loves” might be a stretch. Keeps around because he has some crackpot theory that he can replace Jeff Sessions with Pruitt as Attorney General is a bit more accurate.

Regardless, Pruitt is bad for the environment, good for oil and gas companies and great for polluters. He’s an anti-science hack in a position of scientific authority. There are approximately 215 days until Election Day 2018. It can’t get here soon enough.


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