Day 430: Legal Limbo

Donald Trump has a legal problem, specifically a legal team problem.

Due to his past history with not paying for legal services even when he considers them extremely important, not a lot of lawyers want to work for the Donald.

It’s understandable in other ways outside of the finances. He doesn’t listen to anyone, he’s a serial liar and impossible to control. He’s a shameless fraud that sullies the reputation of anyone who works with him. The fact that he has power is a threat to world peace and a horror show that we must wake up in every single day.

But how much longer will he keep this power if he continues to wade into the waters of the Russia probe without proper backup? Trump thinks he’s untouchable and, sadly, thus far he has remained above the law even as big figures like Paul Manafort, Rick Gates and Michael Flynn go down with indictments and guilty pleas. He has remained above the law even as his own son, son-in-law and business are under intense legal scrutiny.

The probe is coming up on a crucial decision: whether Trump will sit for an interview. This could be the difference in terms of making or breaking his legal exposure to the Russia probe, particularly given the fact that the Special Counsel now has some Trump Organization documents relating to the Russia probe. The fact that the two lawyers he had “contracted” to join the team backed out spells trouble. The fact that John Dowd is gone is a big problem for Trump as well. The fact that he thinks that he’s qualified to give legal advice to himself is the biggest problem as well.

As fringe, dangerous figures like John Bolton join the administration, one can’t help but wonder how much longer the investigation by the Special Counsel will drag on. Any type of potential saving grace: the 2018 election, the results of the Mueller Report, the removal of this demagogue from office, has never seemed so far away. Even without a lawyer, it’s very doubtful that Trump won’t do himself in overnight.


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