Day 417: Rexit, For Real This Time

The United States Secretary of State was fired over Twitter today without any advanced notice. That actually happened.

Rex Tillerson is out, 14 months after he began his rocky tenure as Secretary of State and one day after criticizing Russia for their alleged role in a disturbing nerve gas attack on a Russian spy who had defected to England.

Tillerson will leave behind a garbage legacy. As if being the CEO of Exxon Mobile wasn’t an evil enough tenure on this planet to leave behind, Tillerson will also have overseen the gutting of the State Department. His proposals to slash the department’s budget by a third sent career diplomats scrambling for the exits. Key ambassador posts were left unfilled and qualified nominees were pulled at the last minute.

In Tillerson’s place would (potentially) step Mike Pompeo, a virulent anti-Muslim bigot, and a man who was reportedly briefed on establishing a private spy network that operated outside the scope of the intelligence community. There are few things that Pompeo hates more than the nuclear deal with Iran since he views the never-ending War on Terror as a clash between Christianity and Islam. Should those views be translated into actionable policy, the deal could be scrapped and any chance that a nuclear deal with North Korea would go through would be severely jeopardized.

He’s saintly next to Trump’s nominee to fill his vacancy at the CIA. Gina Haspel, who oversaw the torture program under the Bush administration, was nominated for the post. There’s not much more that needs to be said: she designed torture rooms, ok’d sleep deprivation torture and crafted waterboarding procedures. She would symbolize a return to the transparent brutality of the Bush years.

There are serious staffing problems at the White House, and it’s understandable. Who would want to work in a pit full of dirtbags? Top aides get thrown out of the building due to criminal activity on a regular basis. Would you want to be caught up in that?

If you are a sociopath who irrationally hates Muslims or doesn’t mind torturing people, it would probably be a dream job.


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