Day 416: Inaction Helps The Oppressors

It isn’t the loudest voices in the room that gave us Trump.

It’s not the Milo Yiannapoulos’ or the Ann Coulters or any of the other loud, soulless shills that Trump surrounds himself with watching his only true friends on Fox News.

It’s the “fuck you, I’ve got mine” attitude from the voters who went with Trump, those who wanted to “give him a chance” or didn’t think he’d be so bad. It’s the profound ignorance of those people that voted for Trump, knowing that he’d deport good, hardworking people from the United States to nation’s they barely know, and genuinely believing that he’d be able to distinguish between the “good ones” and the “bad ones” before applying handcuffs.

Such is the case with the Trump voters of Granger, Indiana, where the Washington Post ran a great in-depth profile on how the town’s residents had, by-and-large, moved on after one of their community members was deported to Mexico. He was their neighbor, their boss, their friend, a man who had spent decades working his way up the ladder in the restaurant business, only to be deported by ICE. His wife voted for Trump.

If you needed additional evidence to supplant the suspicion that this Trump phenomenon is a full-blown cult, this should be it. Instead of protecting their neighbors and friends, people just sort of shrug and watch life roll lazily like a river. Who cares about Roberto as long as they’re ok?

Not caring about Roberto is going to increase the likelihood that nobody will care about you if the Trump train was to tie you to the tracks. Unity will defeat Trump and can bring about true justice. Apathy, as proven in this particular case, will do just the opposite: it will enable Trump and his mafia family of wealthy white supremacists, to continue to hold power.

Empathy and action or apathy and desperate reaction: your choice.


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