Day 415: Racists, United

Perhaps it was a bid for relevancy. Perhaps it was a chance to “reset” the movement. Perhaps it was part of a larger tour-de-scum.

Whatever the circumstances, Steve Bannon found himself in front of a microphone in front of National Front, France’s party of wannabe-Nazis. In his speech, he mentioned that he wanted to rhetorically change the notion surrounding the idea of “racism” and it’s place in society: that is should be worn as a “badge of honor” according to Bannon.

He also pushed something more revealing about the movement: that they were philosophically attached to the concept of “America First” or “Britain First” the notion that white people, and particularly white men, were entitled to prioritization over all others in “Western” nations.

There’ve been lots of takes on what needs to happen to obtain true equality and bounce Bannon, Marine Le Pen, Vladimir Putin and the rest of these neanderthals from power for good. The system which empowers them is based in white supremacy and has lots of money behind it. I won’t spend too much time diving into it, because it would involve us going down a rabbit hole.

The point of pointing out this alliance on the blog today was to demonstrate the true strength of their power: unity. These people (Bannon, etc.) aren’t smart. Their ideas, when held up to the spotlight, are horrific and repulsive. Nevertheless, they’re able to mobilize as a group due to their economic advantages and their willingness to destroy anything obstructing the execution of their horrible philosophy.

We can win with peace, organizing and executing solid progressive game plans. We can win with the understanding that progress is hard. We can win with hope. It will deliver us from this evil.

Have a great day.


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