Day 414: John Bolton

The H.R. McMaster rollercoaster (will he quit?) has flown around for months now, but have gained particular intensity in the past few weeks.

One of the names being floated to replace him, and an individual who has met with Trump, is Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton. It isn’t a stretch to say that should McMaster be fired or quit, Bolton’s appointment to this position would represent one of the gravest threats to national security and the world in modern times.

Make no mistake about it: John Bolton is a raving, unhinged lunatic who has not seen a country that he didn’t want to bomb, even though that mustached shitbag went to great lengths to avoid war service himself. He wants pre-emptive war with Iran and North Korea. Bombs are his go-to option.

It says something about the talent pool that Trump is drawing from that Bolton would even be considered for such a job: nobody wants to work for that orange-faced scumbag. It says something about Bolton that even the biggest Trump shills like Tucker Carlson think he’s a total blowhard.

Nevertheless, this is the type of policy that makes Trump feel comfortable. His administration is reportedly looking at using the death penalty on drug dealers. It’s no surprise that he would want someone just as bloodthirsty by his side.

Thankfully, McMaster isn’t going anywhere yet and movement regarding North Korea is toward peace (at this point) not war.

And hopefully the combination of Bolton’s mustache and his past history harassing women will keep him from ever having another government job or being put into a position of power.


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