Day 410: Is That Moment In Time Where The Belarusian Sex Worker Jailed In Thailand Legitimately Might Have The Most Consequential Geopolitical Recordings In Modern History

The title says it all.

Amidst Sam Nunberg imploding like the Georgia Dome, a story snuck out in the New York Times, a story that would constitute a complete and total game changer for the Trump-Russia investigation.

Anastasia Vashukevich, a sex worker from Belarus, is currently in jail on some rather sketchy charges in Thailand. She was recently outed as a peripheral figure in the Russian oligarch scene, caught on an investigative video by noted Putin dissenter and Russian presidential candidate Alexei Navalny.

She’s claiming that she has between 16-18 hours of tapes from her time with Oleg Deripaska (Paul Manafort’s “buddy”) and other Russian billionaires.

So…let’s see them!

Look, it’s impossible to know if this claim is legit or not because it is such a quantifiable binary: there are either tapes or there are no tapes. Indeed, the source is a bit dubious and the circumstances she finds herself in could lead to her being loose with the truth. Nevertheless, it’s a documented fact that she spent a LOT of time with Russia oligarchs and it doesn’t matter what her personal credibility is: the tapes either exist or they don’t.

But make no mistake about it: if these tapes exist and they’re legit, it would be the most important development in the Russia investigation, bar none. They would likely contain extremely important information about Donald Trump and his motivations for being so close with Russian gangsters.


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