Day 409: Widespread Panic

The Special Counsel isn’t just freaking out Donald Trump, he’s scaring the daylights out of everyone under the gun.

Trump’s been having a meltdown for months on end now. He’ll usually tweet once or twice, or sometimes a whole lot more, about how the “whole Russia thing is a HOAX!” or a “WITCH HUNT!” or how the whole scandal is Obama’s fault or that Hillary Clinton should be the one who is the target of the investigation, not Trump who didn’t do anything wrong.

It stinks of a guilty conscience. But it was minor compared to the full-blown panic attack that former Trump aide Sam Nunberg had on national television today.

Nunberg had a meltdown in an interview with Katy Tur over a grand jury subpoena that Robert Mueller handed him last week, ordering him to appear in front of a grand jury this coming Friday. He then went on CNN and confirmed that Keith Schiller told him that Russians tried to send up prostitutes to his hotel room.

Nunberg, who had initially been cooperative with Mueller and the probe, is now publicly refusing to go in front of the Grand Jury. He implied that the probe might have evidence of legal wrongdoings by Trump, Roger Stone, Steve Bannon and others. It was such an unhinged act that it even prompted a response by Stone.

Nunberg has good reason to panic. A bombshell from the New Yorker revealed that Mueller may be investigating a murder and the Russians might have successfully blocked Mitt Romney’s run at the position of Secretary of State. If it is true that loss of life might be associated with the probe on this side of the Atlantic, then Nunberg should be scared. It’s pretty clear that if Mueller wants face time with him, he knows a lot. It’s also clear that he and Trump have mutual antipathy and that a pardon is likely out of the question, while jail time for refusal to appear for a grand jury is almost certain.

Let’s just hope that we can get rid of Trump quickly, like they got rid of his name on his former hotel in Panama.


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