Day 405: Hopeless

Hope Hicks is resigning from the White House.

Multiple outlets have reported that the senior White House official, and one of the first hires for the Trump campaign, is leaving the White House. A departure date has not been set yet, but her last day will likely take place in the next few weeks.

Hicks’ departure comes one day after she testified to Congress that she lies on behalf of Trump. Her exact words were “white lies,” which at least in this context is an honest way of saying you lie for white supremacists. It also comes several weeks after her boyfriend, Rob Portman, was ousted from the White House following revelations that he was a serial spousal abuser.

She’s in a real bind legally as well. Robert Mueller has her squarely in his sights as he examines the various ways Trump might have obstructed justice in the run up to the firing of former FBI Director James Comey. She was on the plane when the false story about “adoptions” was being drawn up on Air Force One and she allegedly conspired to obstruct justice personally.

There’s been a lot of theories about why she left and a lot of evidence that could be construed as the real reason. With that said, it’s important to answer two questions here:

  1. Is she going to be indicted imminently?
  2. Is there going to be a mass indictment imminently and is she jumping ship before that happens?

Rick Gates cooperating with Mueller, in additional to practically sealing the fate of Paul Manafort, could expedite the prosecution of several key individuals in the probe. Is Hicks one of them? Are the others high profile enough that Hicks would want cover?

We’ll see soon enough.


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