Day 400: 400 Days Of Trump

Most of us have survived the first 400 days of Donald Trump’s White House occupancy.

It hasn’t been easy, in fact it’s been very difficult. Trump has assembled an army of movie villains to enact destruction on the institutions of the United States. Our government bureaus, the independence of our law enforcement agencies and private citizens have all found themselves in the line of fire of this blonde haired blowhard.

It’s been exhausting and stressful. People are much more comfortable being openly racist in the Trump era. Massive crises, like climate change, North Korea and public corruption are addressed with the worst possible solutions (pulling out of the Paris accords, threatening military action and not caring, respectively).

Each day feels like a week, each week a month, each month a year. Although I’m doing much better now than I was a few weeks ago, this administration has taken a toll on my mental and physical health. I’m not the only one either, there has been a huge upswing in national anxiety since the campaign and election. Bush was a horrific president and a terrible leader, but he was not an irrational, unstable lunatic with access to nuclear weapons. Trump is an irrational, unstable lunatic with access to nuclear weapons and he must be stopped.

Hold your loved ones close, take care of yourselves and prepare to keep shouting, marching, voting and resisting this attempted authoritarian takeover. It’s thanks to people giving a lot of effort and time that, thus far, we’ve been able to avoid some of the most catastrophic outcomes. We’ll need all that energy and more to hold the country together while this madman tries to break it apart.

Peace and strength to you all.


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