Day 398: Fuck The NRA

Fuck the NRA. There isn’t really a more eloquent way I’d like to put it.

Those psychopaths have spent the day blaming teenaged victims of a mass shooting, having their political lackeys calling for teachers to be armed and spinning an alternate reality to keep people buying guns.

We can post, tweet and talk about it all we want, but the reality is that they won’t do anything unless we hit them where it hurts the most: their wallet.

So with that said, I’d like to thank the good folks at Drain The NRA for compiling a list of gun sellers, gun investors and corporate sponsors of the NRA. Please take a minute to call these people up and let them know that you will be boycotting their company until they drop their benefits for NRA members or their financial support for the NRA.

Shout out to the folks at First National Bank of Omaha for being the first company on the list to do so. And an even bigger thank you to the incredible students of Stoneman Douglas High School for their bravery and incredible advocacy over the past week. They have turned an unspeakable tragedy into a wave of ferocious activism. You are true heroes for calling BS on the landfill full of lies that the NRA pushes onto our society.


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