Day 395: Kushner Conspiracy Theories

(Note: this was to be published yesterday, but due to a back injury, I was unable to write it.)

Let’s take a little walk down Muellerholland Drive to talk about Jared Kushner.

Kushner comes from a wealthy family that made a terrible investment. In 2007, they bought a NYC building for $1.8 billion dollars and will owe a crushing debt to their financiers should the mortgage, due in 2019, go unpaid before that time.

He’s been shopping around for the money to make this problem go away. According to the Washington Post, the family of these felonious scumbags has been sniffing around China, willing to trade visas for immigration papers at a “bargain price” of $500,000. This price comes with access to the White House.

That may not be the only scheme these Fauxlex (fake Rolex) street hustlers are selling.

Jared Kushner has an interim security clearance, one that he would likely lose if he left the White House due to his massive financial conflicts of interest, shady business deals and endless lies on his security clearance forms. The fact that he has access to our top intelligence is an abomination.

Yet, despite this, he hasn’t chosen to lay low, but rather requests more intelligence than almost everyone else working at the White House. He also makes secret trips to foreign countries, nations which don’t exactly have America’s best interests at heart and are oppressive as hell when it comes to human rights.

Nobody has come out with solid proof yet that Jared Kushner is selling intelligence to foreign nations.

But (and this is my opinion, not a fact) I don’t think it will be long before that turns out to be the case. Trump slipped the Russians code-word level intel when they visited him in the White House. Mueller has a foreign bribery attorney on the probe staff. The Kushner’s have been shopping around for cash and have totted Jared’s access as a way to get it. Doesn’t take too much to piece this one together.

Will it rise to the level of treason though? There are various opinions about the threshold for such a charge. But it wouldn’t surprise me if Jared Kushner’s “I did not collude” went down in history akin to Custer’s moment at Little Big Horn.

He would then be welcome to take his place beside Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Ames.


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