Day 389: A Unionized Campaign!

Today is a day of big news.

Ignoring the other big stories of the day (Christopher Wray slapped back yet another Trump fallacy and Benjamin Netanyahu might be getting indicted), there was a huge breakthrough in the union world.

The first ever campaign workers were unionized today. Workers for Randy Bryce’s Congressional campaign have ratified a contract with the boss and will be covered under a collective bargaining agreement. Their wages and working standards will likely rise. Their boss, Randy Bryce, is a union man himself and was a friendly manager in negotiations, which makes the life of the negotiating committee on the union side much easier.

I’ve worked on several campaigns professionally. The most meaningful experience I had during that time was working on the 2012 U.S. Senate campaign for Tim Kaine. It was an amazing experience where I met my wife, formed great friendships and met some incredible people. It was also a brutal meat grinder of 12 hour days almost every single day for 8 months. I was burned out big time toward the end. Wages were below minimum wage and the health insurance options were limited.

I don’t know if a union would’ve kept me in the organizing world, even with a union job security is a scarcity. But a union would’ve helped me immensely in terms of my quality of life during the campaign. And, though I have yet to see the details of the collective bargaining agreement, I hope it will help out the IronStache’s team.

This could be a great seedling that leads to an entire industry being lifted up. It could make campaign work better for everyone by raising living and working standards. It is a historic feat that should be celebrated across America.

May there be many more victories to come.


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