Day 386: Security Clearances

If there were any doubt that White House staffers were swimming in a cesspool of conflicts of interest and criminal pasts, that doubt was erased yesterday.

Two things happened. First, there was the second ouster in a week of a top Trump aide over allegations of domestic violence against his spouse. David Sorensen, a top speech writer who worked closely with avowed racist Stephen Miller, resigned after reports surfaced that he too, beat his wife.

If you’re keeping a running tally, it’s now confirmed that Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Corey Lewandowski, Rob Porter and David Sorensen were all violent toward women.

Who knows how many others have violent pasts? A CNN report details that at least 30 people working in the Trump White House lack permanent security clearances. Why is this the case you might ask?

Well, people working in the White House work in a position of great power. So when they’re background checked, they’re given a temporary security clearance to do their job, then a more permanent one once they’ve cleared the investigative process and nothing turns up that might leave them open to blackmail. A person who has committed a large scale Ponzi scheme might want to do some butt covering to keep it quiet, and that in turn might mean offering some high level favors to friends from your position of power in the White House.

This is also known as corruption.

So it’s not just a few bad apples here, it’s a whole bunch of people that have such dark pasts that the only reason they’re able to obtain any type of clearance is because the individual in charge of this group of gangsters has the darkest past of all and the power to ensure that they can keep working for him on a temporary basis.

Do you trust Jared Kushner to behave with the type of integrity worthy of working in the White House? Does he meet your moral standards?

If he doesn’t, consider voting him and all of the other scumbags working for Trump out of office in 998 days.


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