Day 385: Water Wars

Is this what the future of climate change looks like?

Does it look like a major international city, Cape Town, South Africa, completely running out of water? Does it look like refugees fleeing their community, which will be rendered uninhabitable by rising oceans? Does it look like a massive flu outbreak, kind of like the one we’re experiencing now?

Does it look like a season of intensely destructive hurricanes? Does it look like brutal summer heat waves that only get hotter year after year? Or glaciers that continue to disappear?

I’m not a climate scientist. There are expert climate scientists who have projected how climate change might play out over the 21st century and they’ve envisioned a number of scenarios. The majority of these scenarios aren’t rosy or optimistic.

But I still believe there is hope for change. There are so many things we can do to combat climate change. For example, we can:

These action items aren’t just good for the environment, they’re good for the wallet as well.

I hold out hope that this is a solvable crisis. We should work toward solutions like it is.


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