Day 379: Uncomfortably Numb

I have become…uncomfortably numb?

I forgot to blog yesterday, sadly, out of boredom with the news. It was as if the Speaker of the House saying that people should be grateful for a $78 annual raise after billionaires get a massive break, Trump’s continued corrupt use of American tax dollars toward funding his trips to his golf courses, is normal, acceptable behavior.

It’s not, but I’m feeling numb to it. I’m grateful every day that we’re not at war with North Korea and that Robert Mueller is still able to do his job, and I’m grateful for my health and family, but beyond that it can be hard to find hope sometimes.

I get that you have to create your own hope, you have to protest and organize your way to the results you want, that progress is the hardest thing to achieve and that people are (generally) comfortable where they are and don’t want to change their behavior and habits. And I get that there have been massive demonstrations against Trump.

But there hasn’t been anything yet like what happened in South Korea and Iceland after their leaders were revealed to be corrupt-as-hell. There hasn’t been any occupations of capital buildings, any general strikes, any (peaceful) militant tactics to demand removal of Trump as a non-negotiable objective.

Perhaps that’s because some Americans think that Robert Mueller can remove him legally, or that he could be impeached after Democrats regain control of Congress. Maybe he can be defeated in 2020.

But until then, or until we/I choose to occupy, we’re stuck with this dystopian nightmare. And I hate the fact that I’m getting numb to the outrage that comes with it.


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