Day 369: I Don’t Dance Now, I Make Mueller Moves

If I were Donald Trump, I’d be nervous as hell.

Robert Mueller just interviewed your Attorney General about a criminal investigation. Evidence is out that has established a malicious pattern of behavior when it comes to your potential obstruction of justice with the Mueller probe. Rick Gates may be making moves to cooperate with the Mueller probe after he was indicted on money laundering charges.

And now Mueller is coming to talk to you personally.

What does all of this mean? Let’s start with what we know.

Mueller and his team are conducting interviews at the highest levels of the Trump administration. This would indicate that the probe is entering its final stages, though it could go on longer (more on that in a minute).

It is very clear at this point that Mueller is pursuing several different lines of criminal inquiry and that almost all of them reach up to the highest levels of the Trump campaign and administration. The first, and most obviously provable, appears to be the obstruction of justice and perjury case against Trump and Sessions. Mueller has an obvious pattern of behavior that he can use to make the case that Trump attempted to illegally cover up an investigation into potential crimes by himself and his team. The Comey firing, asking Andrew McCabe who he voted for in a private meeting, asking Comey to drop the Flynn investigation, drafting the fictitious story about the Donald Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort Trump Tower meeting, the tweets, the pattern is very clear.

There’s the money laundering angle. We know that Mueller is investigating Kushner for money laundering, and the Trump Organization may be involved as well. Manafort and Gates were indicted for large scale money laundering. Russian money may have been used for campaign purposes and the Russian ambassador to the United States, Boris Kislyak, was the recipient of several suspicious wire transfers.

There’s also the straight conspiracy angle, though this will be the toughest to prove criminally. Missing in this line of inquiry is the why. Why did Trump conspire with the Russians? The closest insight we have to this question is the evidence compiled in the infamous Trump Dossier. He might’ve been blackmailed, he might’ve been offered a ton of money, he might’ve craved power and been willing to do anything to get it. Unless there are informants or people in the room, proving criminal intent in that situation could be tough.

Who knows when the shoes will drop or what other evidence Mueller has? I hope that this ends soon, however it plays out.


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