Day 368: Kangaroo Intelligence Agency

Trump employs an army of clown-level fuckboys who will bend over backward to kiss his spray tanned ass and enable his goal of becoming the first Dictator of the United States.

Led by democracy denigrator Devin Nunes and backed up by alt-right weirdos Jim Jordan, Erik Prince and Mike Pompeo, this special group has gone to great lengths to try and subvert justice when it comes for the Trump administration.

Their efforts started off amateurish and clumsy. Nunes, in the early days of the Trump era, famously made a trek to the White House to try to prove an obviously bullshit Trump claim. This trek caused a brief recusal for Nunes from the Russia investigation, a recusal that has since proved dubious.

These efforts remain clumsy and amateurish with the latest attempt to discredit those investigating Trump. Jordan has been on TV lying through his teeth and now Nunes is waving a memo publicly that he says that he can’t release for security purposes that would damage the FBI, even though, surprise, surprise, it seems like that’s bullshit too.

Nevertheless, it’s not the public efforts we need to worry about. It’s the private conversations in the halls of Congress, in the corridors of the Justice Department that bear the most weight. Take for example last night’s revelation that Christopher Wray threatened to resign to get the pressure the Trump thugs put on him, to clean house at the FBI, off of his back. Or the more alarming revelation that, slipped into the new CR, a provision will allow the Trump administration to fund intelligence activities without Congressional oversight.

What types of activities would Trump want to fund? Gonna take a wild guess and say that he might want some…cleaners, or…fixers…or, what’s the best word here…plumbers…yeah, he might want some plumbers to dig up Watergate style dirt on his enemies, paid for with American tax dollars.

If there were an individual close to him that was enough of a bloodthirsty, moral-less scalawag to offer such a service, then we should be worried that they might come looking for dirt on everyone who opposes this awful regime.


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