Day 367: DREAM Dashed?

The Democrats blew it…big time.

Following several back and forth days of negotiation during the government shutdown, the party relented and agreed to a deal to reopen the government in exchange for a promise from Mitch McConnell to bring up immigration legislation. Only a handful of Democrats voted no.

That’s all you got from this? A promise from a serial liar?

You don’t have to be a genius to see how this might play out: Dems get promise. Government re-opens. McConnell brings up legislation. It might not clear 60 votes, but if it does, then it may not get brought up at all in the House of Representatives. It would take a true miracle for it to pass the House, then what? Trump signs legislation to give DREAMers citizenship? That won’t be ok with his racist base of political support.

It’s a harebrained theory, one that’s backed up by absolutely zero evidence that McConnell is trustworthy or that there is a viable path to the policy goal: DREAMers obtaining citizenship.

Indeed, there is only one way to tackle this issue: picketing.

You see, the Republicans effectively locked the Democrats out of government by demanding that their racist desires get codified into law. Democrats should’ve taken a page out of the playbook of the heroes of the Civil Rights Movement and staged a sit in at the Capitol, demanding that the Republicans pass the DREAM Act and not leaving until it happens, rallying thousands or even hundreds of thousands of other people to occupy that space with them.

It didn’t happen. Although some of the Women’s Marches touched on the need for a specific focus on combating the racism that oppresses people and particularly women of color, it wasn’t enough to move Democrats to hold the line.

So what happens next? What happens if DACA isn’t made into law? What happens then? You gonna get another promise Dems? Or are you going to fight like hell until you’ve got a law?

The answer is important because over 800,000 lives are at risk to be shaken up and deported to satisfy the hateful soul of Donald Trump. Promises aren’t good enough when you need protection now.


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