Day 366: Government Shutdown

Government shutdowns are quite detestable.

People get furloughed, parks close, services stop. The economy takes a hit and markets get shaken due to the inability of the United States to govern itself.

Also loathsome in these situations is the hackneyed cliches that get thrown out by a wide range of different individuals during the shutdown:

“They ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

“Both sides just need to come together for some unity.”

“Throw them all out and elect a new person everywhere.”

“I’m fed up with both sides inability to compromise.”

Let’s be clear about what’s happening here. Ever since January 20, 2009 when Barack Obama took the oath of office and became our nation’s first black president, the GOP has been fighting a zero-sum race war. The Bush years revealed the hollow fallacy of their policy ideas. From horrific and unnecessary wars, to shameful responses to natural disasters, to the collapse of the economy, to economic measures that did nothing to mitigate the aforementioned damage, the Bush years were an objective failure by almost everyone’s standards and ushered in a Democratic tsunami in 2008 that gave Obama a clear mandate.

Assuming (wrongly) that he would be treated like his predecessors in Congress, Obama sought to work across the aisle on the extensive portfolio of issues he wanted to improve in the United States. He was met with complete and total resistance and obstruction, a vow by the opposition party to make him a “one-term president” by any means necessary. Country be damned, the GOP believed that whiteness must win the day.

So they filibustered, slow-walked and stalled Obama’s progress once they regained power in 2011 all to hold onto their core supporters, who are driven by white fright and racism. It’s a refusal to govern on behalf of all Americans that again led to this shutdown.

They do not want children (children!) to have health insurance. They do not want children who were brought to this country as children to be able to stay, they want them deported. They do not want people of color to have the same rights as white Americans.

That is what this shutdown fight is about, nothing more. If you believe that people of color should have the same opportunity to succeed in America as white Americans, then it must be codified into law.

If you don’t, then you’ll be more than happy to shutdown the government.


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