Day 365: Women’s March 2018

A year after Donald Trump was inaugurated, the women of this world are leading us, as they always have, through the adversity caused by this chaos agent.

Women took to the streets worldwide again today to demonstrate against the rampant inequality they face, the trauma caused by systemic racism and sexism, the injustices of the Trump administration and to focus our energy toward an incredibly important series of elections: the 2018 midterm elections.

Make no mistake about it, these might be the most important elections in our lifetime. That saying is tired and cliched, but it’s true in this particular case. With Republicans answering to Trump’s beckoning calls, no matter how corrupt or obscene the task, it will be on the Democratic Party to sort out the mess that he, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have made.

So the women will lead us to the polls, as record numbers of women have signed up to run for office. They will continue to lead our evolution on social issues, as the “MeToo” movement of 2017 helped countless numbers of men (including myself) self-reckon with their past behaviors and lines of thought. They forced abusers and harassers out of power, causing a sea change in many industries across the United States and shining a light on predators.

All of this makes me feel that much more gratitude for the women who are stable rocks in my life: my wife and my daughter. My wife has been with me through unemployment, when my bank account was in the negative and I was living in a children’s room (not my childhood room). My daughter has helped me become a more patient, understanding person. She has helped me prioritize what is truly important in my life and inspires me to reach for greatness every single day. They’ve supported me through good times and bad.

When Trump was inaugurated into office a year ago, I was in a bad place. I started this blog to chronicle the daily craziness and there has been a lot of awful ground to cover. But it’s a new year and I see a light of hope for all of us. I know we can defeat Trump and Trumpism (better known as racism) for good.

There are 290 days until Election Day 2018. There are 1,018 days until Election Day 2020. As a good friend of mine says, be safe, be well, be an influence.


2 thoughts on “Day 365: Women’s March 2018

  1. Just two questions. Could you be specific and list the horrible things the Trump Administration has done to you. If in charge, what do you plan to do?


    • Certainly. The Trump administration has:

      –Eliminated the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, causing my health care premiums to rise while at the same time raising my taxes to pay for cuts to billionaires. I make less than $60,000 dollars per year and my health care premiums are now $650 per month for myself, my wife and my 9-month old daughter.
      –Encouraged violence by, and associated with, white supremacists. This has resulted in death threats made to me on this blog made by said supremacists against myself (a Jewish man) my wife (a black woman) and our daughter.
      –Raised taxes on my wife’s small business to pay for large multinational corporate tax breaks.

      That is just a sample of what the administration has done to me personally.

      “If I were in charge, what would I plan to do?” That’s a very broad question, but I could sketch out a rough platform for you (I would need more time to explain the budgetary mechanisms and the details of the policies, but I’d be more than happy to do so):

      Health Care: Single Payer
      Gun Control: National Universal Background Checks, Assault Rifle Ban, Bump Stock Ban, Handgun Ban, Large Magazine Ban
      Infrastructure: Initiate $2 trillion dollar investment in a national infrastructure upgrading and rebuilding program.
      Environment: Cap and trade, tax breaks for solar panels and windmills, end fossil fuel subsidies.
      Immigration: Path to citizenship for individuals living peacefully in the United States, elimination of quotas
      Criminal Justice: Legalize drugs for recreational (Marijuana) and medicinal (MDMA, LSD, Mushrooms) purposes. Decriminalize possession of the rest of them and eliminate cash bail. Offer record expunging for non-violent felons and job training/education in prisons.
      Politics: Constitutional amendment to grant statehood to U.S. territories, constitutional amendment to restrict money/gifts in lobbying and constitutional amendment to ban all private and special interest donations in politics and political campaigns. Publicly financed elections.

      Again, I don’t want to bore you. Small sample. I could go on (at length and likely for too long) about foreign policy, local zoning laws that need to be changed and regulated, social security, etc.

      Hope this begins to answer your questions. Thanks for writing! Positive discussion is definitely encouraged in this webspace 🙂



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