Day 363: National Russia Association

The National Rifle Association is an evil organization which seeks to keep Americans killing each other so that the gun industry can profit.

They cater to an almost exclusively white supremacist crowd, knowingly and willingly. They’re silent regarding the murders of gun-owning black people by police. And they may be a vessel for Russian money to pour into the United States for the purposes of influencing elections.

McClatchy reported this morning that the FBI is looking at the NRA as a potential vehicle for Russian money to be used for the election of Donald Trump vis-a-vie a prominent Russian government official Alexander Torshin. This is not the first time that the Trump team, NRA and Russia have been grouped into a love triangle together.

A conservative activist tried to connect Trump and Putin as early as 2016. Torshin himself attended the NRA’s 2016 annual meeting in Louisville and shared a dinner table with Trump. Trump friend and former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke went on an NRA sponsored trip to Russia in 2015.

It’s redundant to say at this point, but it bears repeating because of it’s importance. When you protest our current (and woefully insufficient) gun laws, you’re not going up against a group of normal, rational actors. You’re going up against a group that has pushed the country into a case of Stockholm Syndrome, that has somehow convinced us that the fear of gun violence is one we need to accept, that the blood of elementary school children is a fair price to pay for Smith & Wesson to prosper.

It is therefore unsurprising that Wayne LaPierre and his entourage would work with dictators, oligarchs and shady moneymen of all different types to accomplish their goal of keeping their pockets lined and their fellow countrymen terrified of the boogie man with the assault rifle, a premonition that can somehow only be beaten back by purchasing yet another gun.

We’ll see if this group of conmen can withstand the watchful eye of Robert Mueller.


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