Day 361: Telling It Like It Is

Today is a great day for New Jersey.

After eight years of Chris Christie, there will be a new Governor taking office today. Phil Murphy, despite his long tenure with Goldman Sachs, will be taking office after running a campaign on a progressive platform. It will be a welcome change.

Christie exits office with some of the lowest approval ratings for a non-felon governor in U.S. history. They are richly deserved. For eight years, Christie bullied his way through the Garden State, stomping on progress for personal gain and shamelessly self-promoting himself.

He was going to be a Republican frontrunner in 2016 after a campaign that masqueraded as a Hurricane Sandy victory tour in 2013. Voters looked past the fact that Christie used money meant for those affected by Sandy for his campaign and overwhelmingly sent him back to the Governor’s mansion.

There were warning signs that he was a cheap crook well before this occurred: Chris, as he was known in the U.S. Attorney’s office, was a egomaniacal sleaze ball who used the dubious prosecution of Muslims to vault himself into the spotlight. His tenure can only be described as giving the keys to the state to a despicable schoolyard bully, a power hungry monster with only moderately more decency then Donald Trump.

That implicit, rather than explicit, racism might have cost him the GOP nomination. He ran a pathetic campaign to be America’s Sopranos-Wise-Guy-In-Chief, got raked over the coals by Trump. He then fanned out his lack of morality publicly, showing his scared ass for the whole world to see in a political hostage video as he hopped aboard the Trump train.

That ride wasn’t any easier for him than it was for anyone else who willingly works for Genghis Khan. He was whipped like a mule by the entire Trump team, humiliated with fake stories by junior level aides as his naked ambitions to be Attorney General, Chief of Staff or anything else that would move him up the social ladder got 86’d by Jared Kushner as revenge for prosecuting his felonious father.

He obstructed democracy, willingly put people’s lives in danger and worked to uphold laws that put black people in jail. His blatant disrespect for his constituents was best characterized this past summer when, during a self-inflicted state government shutdown, Christie complained about it disrupting his vacation and was photographed relaxing on an empty state beach while state tourism revenue took a hit during the Fourth of July weekend.

He sold out some of his closest aides when they got caught carrying out the pettiest political revenge scheme ever at the expense of public safety. It became a national joke, one of the few things of value that Christie provided the public during his eight years in office.

So it’s only fitting that we end his cartoonish tenure with a righteously scathing sendoff by his idol Bruce Springsteen. And Christie, when you travel in the Tri-State area, you should probably take the train.


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