Day 358: Shithole People 2

Looks like Donald Trump has pulled off the trifecta: three marriages, (likely far more than but at least) three affairs.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Michael Cohen, Trump’s longtime personal attorney and possible Russia co-conspirator, made a payoff to porn star Stormy Daniels in exchange for her silence about a 2006 affair with Trump, an affair that has been corroborated multiple times on the record. ABC News was also reportedly in touch with Daniels about a potential interview close to Election Day 2016.

I’ll get to the “morality” (if you can dub it with that dubious and misleading adjective) of this situation in a minute. I just want to address the more alarming fact that we now have proof that Trump can be blackmailed. If he’s willing to pay off a porn star to prevent her from discussing an affair they had while his wife was pregnant, what’s to stop Russia from potentially using a long-rumored video they have of Trump with child prostitutes to blackmail him and control him like an intelligence asset?

The answer is nothing, which coincidentally is the same amount of outrage that Republicans have for Trump’s racism and his extramarital obscenities. They’re complicit cowards who want to enable the spread of white supremacy to reactionary levels so that they can get rich.

The only thing I have left to say to them at this point is to tell them to get in the gutter with Trump where they belong. Dispense with the dishonesty that you are anything greater than his greasy attack dogs, waiting to pay off the next threat or squash the next investigation of our modern day Machiavelli.


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