Day 356: Bob And Ry, The Cyber Guy

Signaling another decrypted part of the Russia investigation, Robert Mueller has made a big move by bringing in a cyber security prosecutor.

The lawyer, Ryan Dickey, is the first known expert on cyber law to join the Mueller probe. He came aboard in early November 2017, right around the time a rather obvious felony was confessed by Donald Trump, Jr. where he essentially admitted that he used a stolen password to access confidential data that WikiLeaks passed to him.

Nobody ever accused these people of being smart, or good criminals.

My personal theory is that this hire is actually the tip of the iceberg. Facebook has already handed over a ton of information to the special prosecutor and Mueller has his sights squarely on (and around) Cambridge Analytica. But the real reason I think the cyber crimes were especially egregious is because they must’ve been particularly obvious to a team of attorney’s that had little to no experience in the area, obvious enough that they not only said “we need a cyber specialist” but specifically brought in an attorney.

Yes, I didn’t miss the irony: I wrote earlier in this post that Donald Trump, Jr. likely committed an obvious crime. What’s not yet clear to myself, and perhaps to Mueller, is the role of Cambridge Analytica in this mess. Where were they on the scale of actual “data targeting” to “using American computer to carry out FSB operations”? Did they do any separate hacking in their spare time?

I hope we find out soon. Patch your bugs everybody.


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