Day 355: Fusion NoBS

Dianne Feinstein, like so many other Americans, is sick of the bullshit Fusion GPS story.

The Republican fairy tale goes something like this: Fusion GPS was retained by Democrats to dig up dirt on Trump. They also worked for Russian clients, so therefore Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are colluding with Russia to rig the election.

It’s a ludicrous assertion, even more ridiculous than the widely debunked Uranium One falsehood. Chuck Grassley, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, and a Republican Senator from Iowa, has been running the investigation like a clown attempting to locate a hidden object in a small child’s ear.

After months and months of attention being paid to meaningless conspiracy theories, Feinstein was at her wits end. She released the full transcripts of a deposition of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson. What the sworn testimony revealed was nothing we didn’t already know about Fusion GPS:

  • Simpson, and intelligence officials both public and private around the world, viewed the work of Christopher Steele, the man behind the infamous Trump Dossier, as incredibly professional and honest. This point underscores the emphasis and urgency that Steele felt in reporting what he discovered to the proper authorities. Translation: when someone who has a sterling reputation is shocked and alarmed at what they’re finding, something is dreadfully wrong.
  • Fusion GPS didn’t breach confidentiality agreements with any of their clients. Meaning, if Steele was working on the dossier, he wouldn’t know about any other work Fusion was doing unless he was getting paid for it and participating in it. The notion that Fusion would want to get a bad reputation in the industry and undermine their clients is laughable.
  • Republicans paid for the dossier for approximately nine months before people connected to the Clinton campaign started paying for it. That’s what Fusion does: opposition research.

We did find out some other extremely surprising allegations. I use this word carefully with two things in mind: 1. Simpson said this stuff under what was effectively an oath so there’s no reasonĀ NOT to believe him and 2. Robert Mueller, in all likelihood, knows about this stuff as well and I’d feel more comfortable having him corroborate it before morphing the phrasing. Anyway, here goes:

  • Someone has been killed as a result of the information they gave to Steele for the dossier.
  • There may be an additional source from within the Trump campaign about matters of Russian collusion.

There are 300 days between today and Election Day 2018. If the release of this testimony did nothing else, it should prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Republicans today are complicit and actively aiding a treasonous criminal syndicate for the sole purpose of maintaining a culture of white supremacy in the United States.

In 300 days, we can take a step toward changing their ability to execute those plans.


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