Day 354: Watch Kushner Cash

It’s a telling point in the measuring stick of society when a major ethics and corruption scandal is nothing more than a typical Tuesday.

This Tuesday’s episode brings us, yet again, into the circle of corrupt scumbag/slumlord Jared Kushner. Kushner, who grew up learning valuable lessons in crime from his felonious father, learned that there’s no need to be a part of a deal that doesn’t benefit you personally.

That explains why Jared Kushner received $30 million in cash for his failing apartment complex criminal scheme. His family foundation also still donates to Israeli settlement groups, making his position as an envoy for a Middle East peace process not only disingenuous but hypocritical.

This is the M.O. of Javanka. Others have written about it far more eloquently than myself, but here’s the basic gist: out of all the vapid, immoral, disgusting human beings that occupy office space at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Jared and Ivanka rank in the top five in the toothless grifters category.

They’re overgrown, petulant children, who have nothing to offer the American people beyond being living billboards for ostentatious, shallow, inherited wealth. The depth of their intellect is the understanding that tweeting about the top trending topic might mean they could be seen as “leading the way toward a better tomorrow.” The false notion that they would be some moderating force on a reckless ego-maniac has been nakedly exposed as yet another big, fat lie.

The only thing left for these rats to do is to hang around the government money machine kitchen and see if anyone throws them any scraps to help them stay afloat in rough financial waters. All of this is only so they can continue to live their ridiculous, tabloid cover lifestyle. That’s what Kushner is doing as he’s counting down the days to his perp walk, a walk that Ivanka should be taking with him if not for the efforts of Father Trump and the cowardice of a pro-rapist District Attorney.

You don’t need to be a genius to see how this one’s going to end, in fact you could even be as dumb as Jared Kushner to grasp the obvious details: Jared Kushner committed major financial crimes, crimes that were treasonous in nature. He is as much of a soulless mercenary as Paul Manafort, who is looking at spending the rest of his life in prison, provided he doesn’t roll on Trump. It is not a matter of if Jared Kushner will be indicted, it is a matter of when.

And if Father Trump comes to the rescue again with pardons for his children like he had for the evil Joe Arpaio (who now has the chutzpah to run for Senate), then they should understand this “when” as well: 301 days until Election Day 2018.


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