Day 353: Face-To-Face

The Russia investigation could be coming to an explosive conclusion soon.

Multiple outlets are reporting that Mueller and Trump’s legal team are in active negotiations about Trump potentially being interviewed about some of the circumstances and events in the Russia timeline. This would likely signal a conclusion is coming.

The Trump legal team is likely, and understandably, nervous. They are paid to represent a loose cannon, a serial liar whose screws are all loose, a client with a need for attention and praise so handicapping, he recently reduced his schedule to reflect his inability to control the aforementioned impulse.

This is the man that over 60 million people chose to lead this nation. They must’ve had a burning desire to inflict sickness and poverty on those that look different from them.

So, what happens if Trump gets interviewed? I’m not a legal expert, so I cannot accurately forecast how some potential scenarios might play out. But I do know this: Trump is a deeply insecure, troubled man who is not at all capable of handling pressure situations. If he winds up face-to-face with Robert Mueller as the prosecution tries to pick apart the events that lead to 2016, he could very well end up committing perjury.

My gut tells me he’ll go, if for no other purpose than he’ll be going with the full expectation that Mueller will look him in the eye and say “you have been exonerated.”

That line of thinking is delusional, but jail time for Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn could be very real. The latter two of those individuals have already flipped on Trump and if Trump’s not careful, he could join the group of cartel members with criminal charges.

302 days until Election Day 2018.


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