Day 352: Backtracking Bannon

Bannon has backed down, expressing regrets after he took a verbal shot at the integrity of the current Republican king.

Days after he labeled the Trump family syndicate for what it was: a group of corrupt, soulless criminals and traitors, Bannon walked back some of those comments. He’s sorry, not because he spoke the truth, but because he lost.

Steve Bannon looks at life through the lens of conflict and he always wants to win. That’s why he’s chosen to fight for white supremacy, because he believes that it is the winning side. He miscalculated this time. Though his initially backing of Roy Moore was correct, he failed to get the alleged child molester over the finish line in Alabama. Nevertheless, his correct horse pick on Moore and alliances with other fringe psychos running for office such as former Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward gave him the illusion that he had enough power to swing the Republican base against his former boss and current enemy.

He was wrong of course, because he was fighting the wrong battle. He picked truth over psychology in the information war.

I recently read this quote by Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan and I’m becoming increasingly convinced about it’s accuracy. It goes a little something like this:

“World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.”

That’s the war that Trump won to get to the White House. It’s the war he continues to win over most of the opponents who challenge him. It’s the psychology of wanting to be like Trump: wealthy, partner of many women and a shameless, proud racist that transfixes his followers and a media that can’t wait to cash in by selling the public the lowest common denominator.

This may turn Steve Bannon, Trump key aide, campaign manager and White House Chief Strategist into “Sloppy Steve” in the eyes of the cult following, but most Americans aren’t fooled. Trump will learn that lesson the hard way in 303 days.


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