Day 351: Kangaroo Country

If you tune into a think piece website at the end of last year, you might see a familiar refrain:

“In spite of the daily ravings of the Lunatic-In-Chief, American democracy has remained largely intact, with justice being administered fairly and a lack of interference from the Trump administration into the application of justice.”

Justice for who?

These same folks might also be throwing up their hands and fretting about the recently restarted investigation into the Clinton Foundation. Look, I get it: if this was a situation where there was a clear political motive to investigate a squeaky clean organization, that’d be messed up. And it’s extremely messed up that there is any type of political involvement in the case via Trump’s Twitter account.

But beyond the daily regurgitations of Trump’s id through his thumbs, let’s call the Clinton Foundation for what it is: an organization that is quite transparent and does fantastic work while also funding that work through donations from some of the most thuggish, corrupt authoritarian regimes and nations on the planet. These donations, much like political groups holding events at ┬áTrump properties, are widely viewed as an influence peddling scheme, a backdoor to access some of the most powerful people on the planet.

No, the miscarriage of justice that is happening under Trump, as it has under Obama, Bush, Clinton…since the Constitution of the United States was written to uphold slavery and divide people of color into 60 percent for the census, has been against those with black and brown skin.

Yesterday, Jeff Sessions announced he was rolling back Obama-era guidance on the Justice Department’s relaxation of enforcing marijuana laws. This means that people of color will yet again be targets for possessing a plant in states that have already legalized weed. One of the most egregious examples of this policy occurred within the past week when 70 people were arrested for less than one ounce of marijuana.

This isn’t the only awful move that Jeff Sessions has made. He’s reduced DOJ police oversight and increased the militarization of local police departments. It’s all part of a broader effort to hamper the lives of people of color for the man who was so racist that Coretta Scott King knew him by name.

It’s a damn shame that America was corrupt enough to let someone like Trump slip through the cracks of educated scrutiny to be elected. It is equally bad that a man like Jeff Sessions to be our nation’s top cop and assist Republicans as they try and turn this country into an oligarchy.


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