Day 350: Abandon Ship?

It’s only the fifth day of January and the reported bombshells related to Trump and Russia are dropping on an almost daily basis.

The New York Times is reporting that Donald Trump personally asked White House Counsel Don McGahn to lean on Jeff Sessions to remain in charge of the Russia investigation. The explicit reason that Trump wanted Sessions to remain in charge of the investigation is because Trump wanted Sessions to protect him from the legal consequences from the investigation.

At first glance, this smells like a McGahn leak. If the story above were true, it would definitely be in his best interests to flip on Trump, since he is likely 100 percent implicated in a scheme to obstruct justice. There is also a paragraph in the story detailing how Priebus potentially flipped on Trump by passing documents to Mueller.

At any rate, Trump is increasingly screwed as far as this investigation goes. If it doesn’t get him, it will probably get everyone around him and potentially his family as well. The Trump Organization, if it laundered money, could go up in legal flames.

It’s interesting to see people start to, increasingly, turn on Trump, both publicly and privately. Yesterday, it was Bannon, taking a huge public shot at Agent Orange. He was quickly and harshly rebuked by his own tribe, and may ultimately be exercised from the cool kids section of Neo-Nazi meet ups. Whiteness defends itself frequently and with force.

Now (possibly), McGahn might be the next to flip. How did the information come together for this article? And why now? Is an indictment coming? If so, who’s it going to be? It might be a big fish, like Sessions or Jared Kushner.

Remember too, there’s a lot of information Mueller has that the public doesn’t. There’s Trump family bank records. There’s (possibly) those documents that Don McGahn keeps locked in a safe, though we may have just seen them.

There’s no reason to think this is all legal ass covering either. Trump’s net approval rating is stuck below 40.

There may well be indictments before November. But we’ll find out what the political damage is to Trump in 305 days. Keep organizing and working hard.


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