Day 349: Et Tu, Bannon?

Steve Bannon dealt Trump a significant, consequential and long-lasting political blow yesterday.

In excerpts from a soon-to-be-released book by journalist Michael Wolff, Bannon goes on the record to allege two damning indictments of Trump’s inner circle. First, Bannon states that the meeting between Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. in Trump Tower was “treasonous.”

This is a damning allegation on its own. But the way Bannon places this quote in the context of his interview is a nearly irrefutable political blow. He goes onto say that the way that Trump is going to be criminally nailed is that Mueller will weave his way through a web of Kushner money laundering vis-a-vie Deutsche Bank.

This makes a lot of sense. Kushner has been quite cagey about his numerous sketchy contacts and “convenient” omissions of foreign contacts. Manafort, another meeting participant, has already been indicted for money laundering. That just leaves one more person in the room…

Shocking as all of that is, it is tame to what Bannon alleges next: that Jr. took the Russians right down the hall to meet with Trump immediately after the meeting. It would explain why Trump took a personal interest in crafting a bullshit story surrounding the meetings. It also exposes Trump to a new line of criminal inquiry: he could be exposed to obstruction of justice charges if he was attempting to cover up money laundering activities. Obstruction speculation has largely surrounded his firing of James Comey, but that could change with recent revelations.

Let’s not make this into a Steve Bannon conversion/”welcome to The Resistance” story. He’s still a violent, racist lunatic who is performing the evil work of trying to profit off of white supremacy. The only difference here is that Trump is now feeling the “wrath” of his relentless lust for bloodshed and revenge.

When you mess around with folks like Bannon and Trump, you’re buying into their psychopathy. Sure, they might train their fire on your enemies. But eventually, they’re going to come for you, no matter how many people leave their circle. Trump found that out the hard way today after Bannon put a verbal knife in his back.

The Republicans that enabled Trump are next up on Bannon’s revenge list. But they could get caught in the political crossfire either way. After all, even if they stick with Trump, which many of them have done today, they’re now standing by a man thrice flipped upon, a man who has been labeled by his own campaign chairman, an extremist himself, as an incubator for treason. These cardboard cowards lack the cult of personality that will excuse their behavior. It will be a factor in their political fate this coming Election Day.

306 days to go. Let’s fight Trump together, one day at a time.


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