Day 348: I’m Scared

It’s easy to make light of Trump. After all, he’s a thuggish buffoon who stumbled into the presidency like a drunk college student tripping over a sidewalk.

He’s an ignorant clown who swindled his way into the television sets of Americans by promoting disgusting, ostentatious wealth that is more hollow than the lies he tells himself and the public on a daily basis. He’s enabled by an entire party of politicians that can only must a “tut-tut” in response to his moves to establish an autocracy.

I often use humor to paint over the pain I feel looking at the news each day. I wonder if I, if we, will survive the next 24-hour cycle of Trump. Trump is already doing what he can to kill us, to take away our health care, to drive us into poverty, to ensure our lives are as miserable as his.

But that’s not what’s scaring me. That’s not what’s causing me to shake while I wonder if my daughter will live to see her future unfold.

What’s terrifying me is the power Trump currently holds: the power to wield nuclear weapons. These are toys in his simple, decaying mind. His sociopathic tendencies led him to aggressively tweet about his willingness to go nuke-for-nuke with North Korea. I don’t need to explain in further detail about how this scenario might play out.

Why people gave him this power to potentially end human civilization as we know it, I’ll never understand. And I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive those who did it.

Do you understand what you’ve done to all of us? Do you understand the fear, pain and hurt you’ve inflicted? Do you get that you’ve put Kim Jong-un in the position where he has to be the rational actor? Well, I hope Trump’s series of tweets in the past 24 hours have made it crystal fucking clear, though if you voted for Trump, I sincerely fucking doubt it.

You voted to give a psychopathic, deranged lunatic control of our nuclear arsenal. You voted for a re-enactment of all of the tensions of the Cold War, minus the rational actors. There is no JFK who will be on the phone to diffuse the crisis for 12 straight days.

There is only us.

So what can we do, while we’re still here, while there’s still time to stop this slow motion train wreck?

Rep. Ted Lieu and Sen. Ed Markey have introduced companion bills that would take away Trump’s ability to launch a nuclear first strike. Call your Congresspeople and tell them to support it.

Election Day is 307 days away. Support candidates that are opposing GOP enablers of this madman. You may ask: which GOP politicians are enabling Trump? The answer is all of them. Vote them all out.

And support Global Zero, a movement that works for the elimination of nuclear weapons around the world.


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