Day 347: The “Best” Pilots

There are 308 days left until Election Day 2018 and even though Trump may be (insanely) taking credit for a fantastic year in aviation safety, all signs point to turbulent political skies ahead for Republican candidates in 2018.

Orrin Hatch chose to retire today, and there is lots of speculation that Mitt Romney will seek his seat. This is good news: this will make the election more competitive then it would have been had Hatch, the President Pro Tempore, chosen to stay. Even if Romney, in extremely Republican Utah, wins, token opposition is better than the office being held by a duplicitous, lying scalawag, which is the legacy that Hatch will leave behind after a career was capped off by a continued assault on Native Americans, the environment and working families in Utah.

Indeed, there are going to be a lot of competitive elections this year. Cook Political Report has rated 17 GOP House of Representatives elections as toss ups, with another 22 vulnerable to a blue wave. Please go out, volunteer for your local Democratic candidates and contribute money if you can.

Could a state as red as Utah be flipped? Maybe. I thought it’d be damn near impossible for Doug Jones to win in ruby red Alabama and he’ll be sworn in as a U.S. senator tomorrow.

Roll blue tide!


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