Day 344: Erica Garner

Every day I write this blog, I type in awe of the individuals who have dedicated their lives to a struggle against racism and for a better humanity.

Erica Garner passed away today. She was one of those people. Her spirit was unbreakable, her will unbeatable.

She had already experienced unthinkable tragedy after her father, Eric Garner, was murdered by the NYPD in 2014 on Staten Island. She rose from that tragedy to become a prominent activist against police brutality. She was unafraid to confront people in power, even going so far as to take Barack Obama to task after multiple parties attempted to use her as a prop in a charade-for-ratings town hall on race relations.

Erica had no patience for that bullshit. As well she shouldn’t. She was focused on solving problems and directing people to solve problems. She told the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it made people in power.

Her loss deeply saddens me. May her family be surrounded by love, light and healing energy during this time. May her spirit lead us toward the truth she spoke and the justice she sought for people of color everywhere.

Black Lives Matter. I’ll post a link with an update on where her family can accept donations to cover recent expenses or if they want donations to go to another organization or place.

UPDATE (12/31/2017): Via her verified Twitter account the family and friends of Erica Garner have requested that donations be routed to local organizations that seek to aid foster youth. One such organization listed on her Twitter account is the National Foster Youth Institute.


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