Day 343: No Wall, No Ban

It’s hard to keep up with all of the dumb stuff that Trump says on Twitter. It’s exhausting in fact.

But there’s one particularly stupid tweet from a pre-golfing purge of his evil thoughts this morning that merits a response to point out how Agent Orange is completely divorced from reality.

Trump wrote a tweet about how there could be no DACA legislative fix without a border wall and severe restrictions on legal immigration. And how not having these useless measures will harm our country which we must “protect at all cost!”

The only thing he wants to preserve is white supremacy, which has benefitted him immensely. It is the only force behind driving a horrifically racist, mediocre-at-best, white man to an office that should (ideally) be reserved for exceptional people.

Immigrants of all shapes, sizes and cultures contribute incredibly and invaluably to our nation. They are a valuable labor and entrepreneurial force. They are us, as we should never forget that this country is governed by a system of white supremacy on land that was stolen from the indigenous population.

Perhaps they would’ve advocated for bringing in other people, who knows. But the Europeans came over here and committed a genocide against them. It is not surprising then, that Donald Trump, a child of immigrants himself, is bringing over and aligning himself with the same type of destructive forces from that continent.

He’s a psychopath that wants to be a dictator and we should never forget that, lest we make the wrong choice to follow him down the path to tyranny.


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