Day 342: Medical Malpractice

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to be more positive. Focus on the good. Be constructive.

None of these sentiments apply when discussing the shameless hucksters and two-bit conmen that command our television sets.

There are the quasi-honest ones: the Jerry Springers and the Maury Povichs who at least don’t try to offer much more than a token “you can turn your life around” following the audience lapping up the shock value of seeing people fight on their sets. Unless of course, they’re sending your kids to an ineffective, dumb, boot camp.

I can at least respect that those folks don’t try to rise above broadcasting a cesspool. It’s the dishonest ones, the Dr. Phils, the Dr. Ozs and the televangelists that make me furious.

A report came out recently that was surprisingly unsurprising: turns out Dr. Phil offered alcoholics alcohol before they went on his show. This is such Trumpian logic: I’m going to do something awful to make you look awful to make me seem less awful. It’s the tax bill in the form of pathos: I’m going to cut your services to make you poor and then have you come to me, a rich person, for help because I’ll be what you want.

Besides his propagation of viral, culturally appropriating memes, Dr. Phil serves nobody but himself, a fact that was best pointed out by, of all people, the creator of Bumfights.

In 2018, can we please stop propping these people up? Can we please pull our dollars from the banks that repeatedly defraud us? Can we take the apocalyptic bunker builders off the air and stop buying their products? Can we tell those who use the “good word” to go away and act like it, rather than talk about it?

It would be a wonderful change if it were to happen.


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