Day 335: Make Them Pay At The Polls: Democrat Edition

I doubt I’ll ever leave the Democratic Party because I want to work toward internal change within the party.

But there are many days that I’m left scratching my head as to whether the Democrats are stupid, crazy or both. Today is one of those days.

Doug Jones has yet to publicly commit to hiring black staffers, who are incredibly underrepresented on Congressional staffs. There are rumors (let me emphasize that word: rumors NOT confirmed facts) that Jones is attempting to waffle on the base that got him to the Senate in order to appease Alabama’s conservative electorate.

If he did that, he’d be fucking insane.

White voters in Alabama make up the vast majority of that “conservative bloc” that Jones might be attempting to appease. Guess what Doug? Almost 7 in 10 white people in Alabama voted for a CHILD MOLESTER instead of you. They believed that the sins of a sexual predator were worth overlooking in order to maintain white supremacy. You will NEVER win these voters. Ever.

With that said, there are two ways that you can abate their influence on your future election. You can 1) Support programs that push these voters toward college. It’s a win-win situation for everyone here. Median income earnings are higher with more education AND (some) white people gain some sense in college and vote for their economic interests. Meaning they would be voting for you.

You can also 2) Get in every single black community in Alabama and register the shit out of voters, listen and meaningfully address their needs and ensure they have the representation they deserve. They elected your ass, start acting like it. Black women elected Doug Jones. Were it not for the 98% of black women who voted for you, you would not be awaiting your swearing in ceremony.

If Democrats hadn’t gotten the message after 2016, they need to NOW. White voters are not the answer. The key to winning back states that they didn’t think they had a prayer of holding was provided by former NAACP president, and current candidate for Maryland Governor, Ben Jealous. Register black voters. Get them to the polls. Focus on turning out black voters. Arrange for rides, call, knock on doors, do whatever you have to do to make sure that they vote.

And then don’t distance yourself at all from pro-black stances. That’s the most embarrassing, shitty thing about this whole saga is Democrats seeking assistance from people of color without substantive engagement. You ought to side with people of color over the cops who hate you.

The days of triangulation are over. Since the election of Obama, many Republicans see people of color as an existential threat. We are living under the rule of a crazed lunatic. Now is not the time for tepidity, it is the time for radical change, peaceful revolution and proven organizing solutions to address the issues we face.


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