Day 334: Make Them Pay At The Polls

This is what you wanted Trump supporters.

You wanted to empower the ultimate corporate grifter, a fraud of a man whose wealth is built on the backs of people making minimum wage and below. You wanted a man who would steal money, time and labor from hardworking Americans and then fight to the death to keep his greedy little fingers on their pennies.

You wanted a man supported by a party that doesn’t care one iota about you, a party that will go down in history as enablers of organized crime. The crime in question is money laundering, a shady exchange of cash and information with foreign powers with the possible intent of committing high-level treason.

But you’ve already been betrayed. Your lives will not get better under the rule of this buffoon. In fact, by leaving your children to hang out to dry with their health insurance, by abdicating responsibility for climate change, you are making your lives (and those of everyone else around you) worse.

You were played. You wanted a strongman who was going to kick all of the dark-skinned people you despise out of the country. You were willing to pay any price to get that and didn’t give a fuck about what happened to yourselves or anyone else.

Well the bill came today, and here’s what you owe us: $1.4 trillion dollars. I expect you to pay us $1.4 trillion dollars to compensate for the financial, physical and emotional suffering that this heist of a law will take from people who need it and deposit it in the pockets of the rich.

It’s little wonder that many Republicans are running for the hills after “cashing in” to create plutocracy: 2018 is going to be a tidal wave against them. There will be justice for these sins. There will be karma that comes around. There will be basic rights that are restored.

Mark my word on that one, because my word may be all I have left to stand on after my livelihood was ransacked by the Republican Party.


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