Day 332: Idols

Be careful who you look up to: you just might become them.

We all want to become successful and be rewarded for our hard work. But before you go looking for, or worshipping, a particular type of person (CEOs, famous athletes, industry moguls), I implore you to look at their life in a 360 degree, three-dimensional way, because it’s easy to get lost in their work.

How many marriages have careers destroyed? How many child’s birthday parties and athletic competitions have been unattended? How many bodies have been worn out by years of sleepless nights? Has it been¬†worth it?

Are you willing to have your family’s bar-fighting antics and domestic violence arrests on tabloid screens? Better phrased: are you willing to devote time to address these issues with your family¬†before they become arrests for bar fighting and domestic violence?

Is your career important enough to you to go it alone? That’s up to the individual, some people are happier being single and career focused. But just be aware of what you’ll have to sacrifice to be “famous” or “rich” or any other adjective you want to attach to your life.

Prepare to have your peers bring their knives out for you and your work, no matter it’s quality. Prepare to receive death threats. Prepare to be the object of conspiracy theories and cranks everywhere.

Put your thoughts before your values. In my experience, it’s the best way to build a strong foundation for yourself and your family.


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